"I have always found that the journey of art begins inside, and the moment I get to express that in my work usually coincides with the realization that my checking account is about to bounce."

NEIL E. KLEMZ is an artist and musician from Chicago, Illinois. 

A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Neil's background is primarily in traditional illustration, comic books and fine art media.

If there's a common thread unifying Neil's work, it would be characterized by attraction, infatuation, surrender, malaise, jealousy, abandonment and heartbreak, along with healthy doses of coffee, beer and Girl Scout Cookies.

When not penciling, inking, or plucking away at guitar strings, Neil screams and yells at his temperamental dachshund and two cats, takes obscenely long walks, hits baseballs and obsesses over the irrelevance of his future while gorging on delicious piles of tasty hot wings.

Feel free to contact Neil at or follow him on Facebook here.